Chest Training Tips For Bigger Muscles

Chest training exercises are the way to go and in ways that you’d least expect to let you get those well carved chest muscles.

Chest training exercises need focus

Sometimes it takes some well-earned fitness knowledge and body mechanics to understand how you could start attacking your chest muscles and maximize the effects in the shortest time possible.

Mind you, it’s not about the number repetitions nor the intensity of the workouts, but by the way you strategize and target the right muscle groups for your chest muscles.

Open your chest by retracting your shoulders

Doing the bench press seems like a fairly simple process. How difficult can it be to pump the iron by lowering it to your chest and pushing it back up, but as mentioned earlier, there are ways to ensure that you are properly doing it to enhance the results.

Have you considered checking the position of your shoulder blades for your bench press exercise? As you lower the barbell, retract both shoulder blades to open up the chest. It is usually characterized by a slight exaggeration of the thoracic spine that make your chest expand. This movement recruits the lats and even help you to perform the press safer.

Utilize several bench angles

Angles are critical when doing the press. One of the main benefits of the incline press in addition to the flat bench press is that you are aiming for the thorough pecs development.

This concept is similar to the intermediate bench press then halfway through the routine you shift to a flat and incline press that gives you an overall upper body and core muscle workout.

All you need to do is to start with a flat bench, followed by a second set by moving it up a notch, then higher every set until you end up to the normal incline position.

Remember that the steeper you go, the higher it moves up to the chest muscle network.

Consider your liftoff and lockout

Always remember from where you started off so that you’ll know what to do in order to lower your range of motion.

Start building strength from the bottom by adapting the paused bench presses, also called the dead benches. Allow the bar to settle on the safety latches in a power rack just lightly off your chest for 2 seconds before you power out.

Make sure that the bar settles at the safety latches between each rep to be able to develop strength from the bottom of each rep.

Building at the top

Use bench press boards or adjust the safety latches in the power rack, then train over a smaller portion of the range of motion.

You can add more weight for full-range reps to allow for an ascending strength curve.

Building along the natural strength curve

For this, use bands or chains with the bench to create additional resistance when you push the weight away from your chest.  This allows for developing your ascending strength curve.

Stress the triceps

Apply a bit more aggressive approach to your triceps. Incorporate weighted dips, machine dips, weighted bench dips and closed-grip bench presses. Strength gains call for lower reps while close grip benches allow you to take in more advanced techniques.

Also do more tricep pushdowns if you feel you need to do more.

Follow a consistent bench program

Build bigger chests with substantial strength training, so make sure you follow the same bench program consistently.

Also, diet and rest are also crucial at this state of muscle development so make sure you have the right food and adequate rest for your muscles to recover and grow.

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Bacteria Based Nanorobots May Help Treat Cancer

Bacteria based nanorobots are now being developed by researchers to help in cancer treatments by way of accurately targeting tumour cells in the body through these minute bots that transports the drug directly on affected cells.

Bacteria based nanorobots getting the nod

Medical experts lauded this invention as a revolutionary step forward into the treatment of cancer and help improve health conditions for many who are plagued with the deadly disease.

The work was recently published in the Journal Nature Nanotechnology, where researchers from the Nanorobotics Laboratory of Polytechnique Montreal. 

Prof. Sylvain Martel, who head the research team, points out that conventional chemotherapy treatments often get to affect all cells in the body and do not isolate it to the specific or affected cells. As the drugs travel through the bloodstream, it affects other healthy cells along the way.

“So we thought that if we could navigate it directly from point A to point B where we need to do the treatment, exactly inside the tumour, all those agents would become extremely efficient,” Martel said.

This is when they started to develop bacteria-based nanorobots that would help the  magnetococcus marinus bacteria that contain magnetically metallic crystals, which can be injected close to the affected tumour site and controlled by computer-guided magnetic fields.

Nanorobots testing

During the testing phase, Sylvain and his team were able to successfully inject the nanorobots into laboratory mice with colorectal cancer tumour. As the expected, the nanorobots did its job.

The nanorobots gravitated towards the tumour cells that it found to be low-oxygen areas.

“When you’ve got something with propulsion, navigation, and sensors, it starts looking like the nanorobots of the future,” he said, adding: “…They behave exactly like futuristic nanorobots and deliver the drug exactly where the drug will be the most effective,” says Martel

Martel also says that the possibilities of using these nanorobots are endless, not just limited to treating patents with cancer. He said it also has a high potential for use to deliver diagnostic and imaging agents throughout the body.

They are hoping that clinical trials be undertaken soon, but they are also still trying to study if the bacteria they are working on for the nanorobots are safe for humans .

The National Cancer Institute reports that there is an increasing number of cancer incidents all over the world. This year, more than 1.5 million estimated new cases of cancer were diagnosed in the United States alone and almost 600,000 are expected to die from various cancer types.

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Scalpel-Free Brain Surgery Gaining Strong Popularity

Scalpel-free brain surgery may soon be the safest technology adopting a non-invasive ultrasound therapy to improve symptoms of a neurological disorder that causes intermittent and uncontrollable tremors.

Scalpel-free brain surgery gets a facelift

Not to be confused with Parkinson’s disease, the essential tremor – as what it is commonly called – is a common disorder that mainly affects the head and hands.

In a recent publication of the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers from The Sunnybrook Hospital on Toronto, Canada, introduced a new ultrasound thalamotomy, which is a scalpel-free procedure that destroys bits and pieces of brain tissue in the thalamus region which is responsible for controlling muscle activity.

Essential tremors can occur at anytime, without regard to age or gender, but should not be confused with Parkinson’s disease which is a degenerative disease that results to brain damage.

Improved quality of life

“It has a significant impact on (patients’) quality of life – without making a hole in the skull or an incision,” says Dr. Nir Lipsman, co-author of the study and a neurosurgeon at the Sunnybrook Research Institute where this form of treatment is currently being exclusively provided by The Sunnybrook Hospital.

The study involved some 76 patients who were diagnosed with moderate to severe essential tremor conditions that were not responsive to any medication. The test participants were enrolled in a randomly controlled test where some were administrated MRI-guided focused ultrasound thalamotomy while others went through a placebo treatment.

After three months, those who underwent the non-invasive procedure had their conditions improve by 46 percent compared to the control group.

Lipsman said that the results have been ‘extremely rewarding’ and were thrilled to see the improvement among the patients.

Other test participants noted significant improvement over their conditions, where one of them was now able to write when it was not a possibility prior to the treatment.

Not effective for all

There’s just one downside to the process, since it did not work for some of the patients and doctors still do not have the answer as to why, but are now conducting ongoing research to find out.

Essential tremor is typically not a dangerous condition, but has been found to be an embarrassing by many of those who are afflicted by it. It may sometimes disappear over time, but there are cases where it could get worse over time.

It may occur at anytime and at any age, but is most common with people aged 40 and up.

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Parents Challenge Epipen Prices And Got Response For Action

Parents challenge epipen prices and received a fairly good initial result as it led to mounting pressure for a pharmaceutical company to issue discount coupons that would offset prices.

Parents challenge epipen prices through online petition

Prices of EpiPen – a leading brand of epinephrine injector formula that reverses the effects of allergic reactions – has reached a jaw-dropping price hike of more than 500 percent in a matter of years.

This started a clamor among consumers who claimed that this life-saving medicine that fights allergic reactions has been getting the ire of a lot of people, prompting some concerned citizens to petition the US Congress to get on top of the situation.

The petition ‘Stop the EpiPen Price Gouging’ was created by Brooklyn actress Mellini Kantayya started off as a concern that was welling-up, when raising concerns about rising prices for EpiPen.

Kantayya’s husband is suffering from allergic conditons and shared the sentiments with her friends and colleagues, who also echoed back her sentiments including inadequate health insurance coverage for this treatment.

Mounting pressure

Kantayya started the campaign by using an online petition service called that collects signatures and addresses these to the respective congressional representatives.

In the next 45 days, supporters fanned the flames that Kantayya started and were able to generate more than 80,000 signatures and flooded Congress with more than 120,000 letters expressing their sentiments.

In an apparent answer to the swelling public clamour, including representations from high profile political personalities like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the pharmaceutical company Mylan that manufactures EpiPen decided to announce that it will issue coupons and extend patient assistance programs to help alleviate patients.

The announcement was made by Mylan CEO Heather Bresch.

Reason for hikes may be due to rising demand

The apparent reason behind the staggering price hikes may have been the rising demand for EpiPen, for which prices were first increased by no more than 10 percent very year, then by 15 percent increments years after.

From there it may have started to take off, until it reached several folds and would cost no less than $400 for a standard box containing two units.

Which also came as a surprise to Sanders, who asked why the medicines cost so much when the company could only produce it for a few dollars.

But several groups claim they will continue to push for more campaigns to drive the company to push Mylan to lower retail prices down.

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Read This for Better Body Confidence


It’s the final day of Guest Bloggers’ Week and we’re celebrating that (and Friday, yay!) with three fun and very positive body confidence finds that were submitted to us that we just had to give a shout out to. The Evolution of the ‘Perfect Body’ Up first, the evolution of the “perfect body.” Which pretty much shows that the “perfect body” is a load of crap! (Love that.) A Hilarious, Honest and Inspiring Success Story You Gotta Read Frances, we totally think you’re a ninja. A healthy living, non-dieting ninja of AWESOMENESS! Read her success and fitness story here. Get Inspired …

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Weights Are Better Than Cardio At Burning Fat

Weights are better than cardio based on the fact that large muscles burn more calories, and in turn, burn fat. Simply put, weightlifting works the muscles to burn more of the calories and the fat that gets stored in the body.

Weights are better than cardio since calories are not burned by activity

Cardio does not burn fat fast, but it also is not as fast as working the muscles to burn it. This is where weightlifting comes in.

High repetition strength is responsible for what is called excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). This means that the body goes through an increased oxygen intake that follows an intense strength activity.

Short bouts of training brings up the heart rate, it increases metabolic activity and starts to dissolve fat cells. The more muscle mass, the greater the chances of burning fat.

Resting metabolic rate

Most of your calories burned throughout the day is not because of activity, but by your body’s capacity to burn it by what is called the resting metabolic rate (RMR).

Numerous studies have shown that the strength training allows one to maintain a better muscle-to-fat ration, which not only helps the body process food but guarantees the amount of calories lost outside the gym to support the work during training.

Training tips

Metabolic resistance training will help enhance your fat loss quest through weight training. You only do not get to lose weight, but you also gain mass and burn fat in the least amount of time.

  • Make use of compound multi-joint exercises with free weights.
  • Do overall body workouts during alternate days around three to four times every week.
  • Pick a weight that would make you complete no more than three to four sets of 12 to 15 repetitions. For experts, do round 6 to 8 sets with the same repetitions.
  • Just make sure to maintain a rest period of no more than 1 minute in between sets.
  • Alternate your workout sets of upper-body and lower-body exercises.
  • Challenge yourself by progressively increasing weight loads, as well as with new and different variations for your continuing workouts.

Fat loss myths to avoid

Of course, it would be good to know about fat loss methods, but you also have ot be wary of the common myths regarding fat loss which you should avoid.

Cardio only workout

This is a myth not worth anything, probably just very little. It may do some fat burning, but is an inefficient way of losing it. Experts agree that high intensity interval training is the best way to go at it.

Light weights

This is one myth that would only frustrate you. Using weights can in fact help burn fat easier and faster. Using weights increases the metabolic rate due to the process of muscle repair.

Targetted fat mobilization

This could lead to muscular imbalance and possible injury. Working on a certain area too much like the arms or core and ignoring the back and chest would result to poor muscle mobilization in all areas.

This could result to poor muscle development and recovery.

Machines only

Do not just limit workouts to machines, but make sure to use free weights as well. Limiting your workouts to machines could result to poor muscle activity and lets you lose more energy without causing an impact on fat and muscle mobilization.

But keeping fit need not take you more than an hour and experts agree that at least 30-minutes of time spent a day for regular cardio training and some simple but effective routines are guaranteed to let you keep a good body frame.

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Depression On Social Media Becomes More Predictable

Depression on social media like Instagram gave researchers the idea to study the ongoing mental activity in the brain that impacts behaviour and social media conduct.

Depression on social media affects a lot of people

A mobile app developed to analyze photos and images posted in social media sites like Instagram was able to accurately predict users who may be experiencing depression.

The study, undertaken by researchers from Harvard University, who sought for permission from 166 Instagram users to analyze their posted photos and were asked if they were diagnosed for any mental condition or sought treatment for clinical depression from a mental health practitioner.

Using a computer algorithm to analyze to sort out the data, the researchers were able to predict users who are experiencing depression, finding a distinct similarity on the images posted by those with depression and for those who did not.

Study lead author Andrew Reece points out that they studied four different categories of colour and brightness, number of faces in the photos, use of filters in Instagram and the existing metadata.

“In general, each one of these things has some relationship to what people have already found in studying depression,” says Reece.

Colours tell the difference

The software was able to distinguish information that suggest those with depression tend to choose deeper colours like darker shades of blue and grey. They tend to use less filters and if so, were commonly using Inkwell that makes everything black and white.

They also post fewer faces in each of the posted photos, however, are inclined to post more photos with faces.

“We were right about people being healthy 84 percent of the time. About a third of the people who were truly depressed, the machine found,” Reece says.

Although they have noted a fairly accurate level of prediction among the test participants, but Reece points out that are not encouraging this to replace the primary medical practitioners from expertly diagnosing depression.

Their goal is simply to develop this technique to assist doctors in their diagnosis of patients.

Depression affects millions 

Depression is a common mental illness in the United States, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. 

It affects 40 million adults aged 18 and older, which makes up 18 % of the entire population.

One upside on social media, fortunately, is that people become more expressive with their ideas and even their moods and temper by being active in social media sites like Instagram and allow people to detect danger signs of an emerging mental illness for possible intervention.

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